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ONIARM-JAPAN is a brand shop that sells high quality industrial products (arm wrestling equipment) from Japan to the world.

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Our products

Handle made of full stainless steel

Invisible parts are also stainless steel

All screws are also stainless steel

Luxury cowhide belt

High quality rubber and fabric

All parts of the handle are stainless steel.

These are best products.

These can be used in ultra-heavy weight training. 

And it is extremely durable.

This handle is a product that combines a full stainless steel body and a sturdy belt.

Suitable for heavy weight training.

And it is very durable.

From Japan to the world

Our products will surely satisfy you

About us

ONIARM-JAPAN is operated by Japan's largest armwrestling shop "Mazurenko Equipment Japan".

Armwrestling techniques

Asian medalist explains armwrestling techniques (top roll) and training equipment.